Chantelle C is a Master Sales Producer, Motivational & Keynote speaker.

Her speaking topics are designed to encourage, uplift, inspire and motivate your teams to get out there and do what they do best. She does this through authenticity, passion and performance.

Do you need someone to get your conference or meeting off to a fresh start by inspiring, motivating and giving them that boost that they need? Chantelle C’s topics are designed to promote the just do it attitude, transform the audience from the inside out, accelerate sales revenue by helping develop leaders that can set out to anything they put their minds to.

Chantelle C’s style of speaking is very down to earth, authentic and full of energy that can be felt from the time you walk into the room. She speaks candidly to her audience that will make them hang on to her every word.

If you are looking for a speaker who can motivate, ignite and inspire your team to move to levels they never thought they could, then don’t wait any longer book Chantelle C for your next event and allow your audience to experience the luxuriousness of The Luxxe Level Group, LLC a Sales Training & Development Company.

Go From Salesman to CEO

In this talk, Chantelle C shares with you how she went from being a sales rep for over 15years in different sales industries and having her position eliminated at her job leaving her with no choice but to create something for herself. She will share with you how she went from zero figures to six figures. And she will tell you some practical ways on how to overcome the mindset of lack and unpredictable circumstances.

How to Go from Just an Order Taker to a Master Sales Producer

Tuning in to your customer or client needs is essential to becoming a master sales producer. In this talk Chantelle C goes over how to give the customer/client what they ask for as well as what they need in order for it to become a win-win for both parties. Being an order taker is someone who does not know how to think outside the box and over deliver and under promise. Chantelle C tells you how to take the sales out of selling and instead make it an authentic conversation that brings both parties to a resolution.

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Overcoming The Fear Of Selling

 In order for you to be able to sell anything you must first believe in yourself and the product or service that you are offering. Without feeling confidant in who you are then no one is going to buy anything from you. People buy from those with whom they like, know and trust so it is a must that you are your authentic confident self at all times. Chantelle C shares with her audience through real life experiences what it means to be totally in love with you and the product or service that you offer. In this talk she gets down to core of things that are buried on the inside of you so that you can be your best authentic self and increase your bottom line in your life and business.

How to Generate More Revenue by Closing More Deals

Chantelle C shares her secret methodology to closing more sales and how to approach a sale without sounding like a sales person. This proven method has made her a top producer at each of the companies that she has worked for over the past decades and in this talk she shares with you what the secret sauce is so that you can generate more revenue by closing more deals.

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