If you are serious about building your sales funnel, prospecting is a must. Often my clients have amazing products to sell, but do not set aside time for prospecting. As you can imagine, oftentimes there is not a lot of transactions taking place in this scenario.

The reality is that if you do not hold yourself accountable to ensure that weekly prospecting is done, not only re you leaving money on the table, but you are not serving clients that need your products/services.

Here are three tips to assist you in ensuring that you have time set aside for prospecting.

  1. Set a couple of hours on your schedule each week for prospecting. Yes, I am at least asking for 2-4 hours from you so that you have this build into your schedule. We all have great intentions of doing a lot of things, but the reality is that until it is on our calendar the likelihood of it getting done is slim to none. Ensure that when setting your calendar that you also set alarms that can remind you a couple of hours prior as well.
  2. Be Consistent. Consistency is key! It takes approximately thirty days to adapt a new routine and to feel as if it is second nature to you. I want you to keep this in mind when it comes to you gaining new prospects to effectively grow your business. If you are not consistent with your efforts you will not see the grand results that the both of us know that you want and more importantly your deserve. The world is waiting for you. So, what I am saying to you is, don’t simply schedule a week on your calendar and fall off the bandwagon thereafter, I need you to consistently plan time each week.
  3. The Secret Sauce is in your follow-up- Ok; I can stay on this step for a very long time. We often spend our time prospecting, but do not have the structure in our business to ensure that we are effectively following up to render post client nurturing of prospects as well as to serve them while building trust. This step is key in retaining and moving a client from interest to action.

I would love to hear your feedback. I hope that you will implement these tips and let me know how they have improved your overall client relationship and increased your results in new leads/prospects in your business.